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Our inventory is large, but our desire to treat our customers with honesty, and integrity is extra large! At Baseball Card Castle, OUR CUTOMER IS KING!!!

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Baseball Card Castle has been serving Western Pennsylvania with high quality, cutting edge sports cards and memorabilia for over 30 years. With over 20 million cards in stock, our large, neatly organized inventory allows our customers to quickly find their favorite team, player or set. If your aim is high end, investment quality rookies, or a common to fill your set, Baseball Card Castle is prepared to make for a pleasant shopping experience.




Baseball Card Castle

The 33 Year Journey

Sports have always been of great interest to me and my father. Collecting things related to sports always seemed a natural extension of my interest in the game itself. After all, when the sun went down, and you couldn’t play sports for the rest of the day, you dragged out your items pertaining to your favorite team or player.

For context, there wasn’t cable TV, and games being televised was not a given. Collecting things related to sports had nothing to do with value; rather, loving the game.

My interest was always to amass as much cool stuff as possible. When I was 14, I decided it would be a good idea to try and sell some things for money so I could use the proceeds to BUY MORE STUFF!

Ultimately, I purchased 10,000 Barry Bonds rookie cards with the gifts I received as high school graduation presents, and the rest is history!

One of the benefits of dealing with the items that are important to you is that you develop a wealth of knowledge surrounding these items. After buying literally millions of cards over the last 35 years, there is very little in this industry that we haven’t seen. How do you know what is not real??? You handle what is real thousands of times. Only selling what you would want in your collection is a motto that allows us to offer unique and authentic memorabilia.

Baseball Card Castle has always desired to couple the best possible sports experience with a clean, friendly, organized, family-friendly experience. This isn’t a business line; it’s a philosophy of life: invest in people and relationships, not inventory. Inventory is awesome, and we have many of it, but there will always be more. Our hope is to invest in the people that come into our establishment.

The desire at Baseball Card Castle is not only to provide a large, neatly organized selection but to ensure that all of the items are authentic. Our high-end autographs are all authenticated by JSA. You will only find the highest quality cards on display! Our dedication to quality allows the customers the comfort of knowing they are buying the real thing!! Baseball Card Castle sells what we love. Our priority is not to make sales; we fixate on providing items you will cherish because we cherish them first!


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